Welcome to ESSENTIAL KRAV MAGA!. We are the largest Krav Maga club in the south of England and are proud to be part of the IKMF (International Krav Maga Federation) who are the original association in the UK.

We know run over 14 classes a week from Chichester to Poole and up to Newbury. We have 7 full time instructors who are all qualified under the IKMF and Jim Maidment is a Graduate 5, which is the highest qualified instructor in this area!

If you sign up to any of our classes and become a member you are then able to go to any other classes for FREE! (We are the Krav Maga Club to offer that system)

Any questions feel free to email jim@essentialkravmaga.co.uk or call Jim on 07775 952274

Learn the most effective fighting system in the world

If you are looking for the confidence that comes with knowing you have the skills to protect yourself and family, or a way to shed pounds and get into fighting shape, Krav Maga is the fastest, most effective and most enjoyable way to do it.

The Krav Maga Self Defence and Fighting System places heavy emphasis on skills that work on the streets, fitness and rapid results. No other program comes close.

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Coming next year....

After the huge success of our Boxing Classes with the hugely talented Cornelius Carr, I am pleased to announce that we will be offering these sessions again next year! It is a great sport to have under your belt along with Krav Maga and when the two are linked together the results are awesome! We look forward to seeing Cornelius in 2015!


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A new string to our bow!

Earlier this year I was approached by "Yesterday Channel" to see if I could help them with a TV Programme called " Black Ops 2". It was based on a true story of the Airliner that was hijacked in 1977, and GSG9 German Special Forces stormed the plane and rescued all hostages with no fatalities apart from the hijackers. My role was to advise them on fighting scenes and I ended up playing the part of Colonel Wegener (the head of special forces) I don't know how I landed up with the part but all I can say is it was an honour to be part of such a professional production!

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Top Instructors in the country!

We now have several instructors that are in the top 10 teachers In the country! Headed by Jim Maidment who is one of the most experienced in the UK being a G5 Instructor! Also Jim has previously trained in Boxing, Judo, Karate and Taekwondo achieving Black belts status.
So we have a wealth of experience in the martial arts world! Come along and see if one of our classes could be for you!

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1 -2 -1 TRAINING

1- 2- 1 TRAINING

“People often lead busy lives and can't make specific training times as laid down in our time table.. Why not come along to our 1-2-1 training in Andover at £35 per hour.


Kids & Teens Krav Maga

Hi Guys,

Essential Krav Maga is now running self defence classes for children and young adults.

For full details of dates, times and venue then click here.

Thanks, Paul Hopkins
Essential Krav Maga Kids Instructor.

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Tamir Gilad - UK IKMF Edged Weapon Seminar

Latest News

With Essential Krav Maga your first class is always free. Why not come along and give us a try!

Many people find it difficult to make an evening class so private lessons become a more effective way to learn Krav Maga. Email jim@essentialkravmaga.com for more info.

We have a Newbury class starting 5th September 6.30pm to 8pm. Email jim@essentialkravmaga.com for more info.

Essential Krav Maga Instructors

Essential Krav Maga is the largest Krav Maga club in the South of England. We have classes across Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire. Our instructors get together as often as they can to ensure their Krav Maga skills remain sharp and consistent.

And we never miss a photo opportunity when we do :-)

Essential Krav Maga Calendar

Please check out our calendar to see what classes are when and what events we have coming up.


Krav Maga has a long and credible history and is regarded by many to be the best self defence system around. We know Krav Maga works and it works under stress. All Krav Maga techniques are tried and tested in real-life situations: Krav Maga is the official fighting system of the IDF.

When you learn Krav Maga you can rest assured you are learning techniques that are proven to work. Krav Maga is quick to learn and easy to retain. Krav Maga has no sporting applications, although there is a grading system for people who wish to monitor their own progress. Krav Maga teaches you to defend yourself in all sorts of different situations.

Created and developed by Imi Lichtenfeld and the IDF, Krav Maga only came into the civilian life in 1965. It grew outside of Israel in the early 1980's and is now popular around the world, being used not only by Military and Security Forces but civilians as well.

Students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and you need no previous martial arts background to benefit from Krav Maga. However, some of our students have come from Wadoryu Karate, Kick boxing, Chinese boxing and BJJ.

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